Never Alone

You are a God who sees me. You have met me here, where I am. In utter darkness you came to me? Truly in a place I never would have expected you, you have met me. I was at the end of myself. I had nothing left. But You reached out your hand. I was … Continue reading Never Alone


looking back & looking forward

I wasn't going to be one of those bloggers who post about their year and add to the "it's New Year's" swarm on  social media. But here I am anyway. I felt like this was important.   So, here I am. It's almost midnight, it's a few days until the year is over, and as … Continue reading looking back & looking forward

{on rehearsals}

I'm learning that rehearsal does not mean dress rehearsal or even run through. Rehearsal is a time for exploring and trying and failing. It's not a performance for your cast mates. It's exploration and discovery. It's failure and embarrassment. It's joy and frustration. But you're all going through it together. And that's why you're there. … Continue reading {on rehearsals}